26 March 2019


Asirvanam | India

The community started at Siluvaigiri in Salem diocese, South India, in 1947 July 28th on St. Alphonsa’s first death anniversary day founded by two priests Rev. Fr. Philip Kaipenplackal, a Carmelite priest and his brother Fr. Abraham Kaipenplackal, a diocesan priest from Palai, Kerala, India. Having sought the help and guidance of St. Andrew’s Abbey in Belgium to follow the way of life according to the Rule of St. Benedict, moved in 1957 to the present site (Anchelpalya, near Kengeri own] in Bangalore Archdiocese under the leadership of Fr. Emmanuel de Meester, a monk of the above mentioned abbey. The canonical erection of the monastery was in 1952 on March 8th.

What originally looked like a place of wilderness with shrubs and snakes has been transformed now by the dedicated work of the monks into a green haven with lushy hybrid grass, coconut trees, all kinds of fruits trees, flower trees and vegetable gardens.
The community today has a strength of 50 members with thirty priests and others being in various stages of formation. We come from different states of India and try to lead a life of unity in diversity, with English as our community language.

We also have four foundations in the states of Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. The life in the monastery is described by St. Benedict as ’the school of the Lord’s service’, thus various activities of the community are organized so as to achieve this goal. Founded solidly on the motto of the order " ora et labora" we have different activities like parish ministry, retreat preaching, school ministry, carpentry training, counseling and guidance, printing and publication, and farming. The community encourages each member to develop his natural creative talents and use them for the good of the community and the people around us.


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