• Nov 28

    AIM meeting at Ampleforth / Stanbook


    The AIM Board meeting was held this year on November 28-30 at Ampleforth Abbey. The host of the venue, Abbot Robert Igo, shared with the participants his experience of twenty-five years of Benedictine life in Zambia. Mother Anna Brennan hosted the m…

  • Nov 21

    Fraternal Visit in Stary Kraków


    In November 21-22 Abbot President paid a fraternal visit in a small community in Stary Kraków (the northern part of Poland). The community of three brothers at St Benedict's House, faithful to the monastic principle of ora et labora, divides their …

  • Nov 5

    A Short Letter from Ukraine


    There are far fewer people living in our monastery now than in the first months of the war. Some of them were able to return to their homes in areas liberated by the Ukrainian army, while others managed to find housing and work in our area. There ar…

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